"A twirling, swirling ocean storm"

One of nature's most fascinating storms is a hurricane.  But hurricanes can be dangerous if they strike land.  Forming during late spring to early fall over the Atlantic and Pacific oceans, they can bring high waves, coastal flooding, destructive winds and flooding rain.  

"Long before a storm arrives plan where to go and stay"

If hurricanes can strike where you live or even where you may visit, make sure your family knows where to go to get out of harm’s way. Don’t wait until the hurricane comes before you make your plan! Have hurricane shutters for your windows and the tools to install them. If a hurricane approaches and you need to leave home, remember that the longer you wait to get away from a hurricane, the more crowded the roads will be and the faster hotels will fill up. Try to find a friend’s house in a safer area not far from yours where you can stay.  Have your storm kit ready and extra gasoline for your car in case you are forced to leave home.  Go here to see what to put into your kit.

Key words to the song:
"For any kind of weather, weak or strong, If you stay ready you just can't go wrong; And if the hurricanes appear, you will have no need to fear, Then you'll relax, have fun all summer long!"

Talk with Your Friends and Your Family:
1. Do you live in an area that could get hurricanes? What about where you vacation?
2. How will you know if a hurricane is headed your way?
3. Where will you go if you have to leave home?  How do you know when it's time to leave?
4. What will you take with you if you have to leave home?  What will you leave behind?
5. What will you do with your pet if you have to leave home?

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