"Have you seen the rain pour so hard upon the ground?"

What weather gets people into more trouble than any other?  Floods do.  When heavy rain pours over the same area for a long time, the water may not be able to drain away quickly.  That's when small streams overflow their banks, and low places in roads get covered with water.  When streams are flooded you need to stay away from the rushing water.  But what about flooded roads?

"It doesn't take a lot to push your car up and off the road"

Most people don’t realize that just two feet of standing water can float most vehicles, and just six inches of rushing water can knock you off your feet. Most flood deaths occur when drivers try to drive across a flooded road and are swept away by the strong currents.  In fact, more people get into trouble this way than all those affected by tornadoes or hurricanes.
  In heavy rains, watch for quickly-rising water. Never drive around a warning barricade.  But even if there is no barricade, don't drive on!  It is very hard to tell how deep the water is and how fast it is moving.  In fact, the road may even be washed away.  So if you come to a flooded road, turn around and find a different way.

Key words to the Song:
"It doesn't take a lot to push your car up and off the road, Though water's all you've got, just two feet can lift that load, Gamble and you lose and you might simply float away, So turn around and find a different way."

Talk with Your Friends and Your Family:
1. Are there any roads near you that flood quickly during a rain storm?
2. How will you know if a road with water on it is safe to drive on?
3. What should you do if water covers a road that you want to drive on?
4. What could happen if your car starts to float away on a flooded road?
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