Mapping the Weather

Meteorologists plot their observations on weather maps to locate cold fronts, warm fronts and areas of high pressure and low pressure.  By mapping their observations every hour, forecasters can tell where weather systems are moving and how fast they are moving.

Nature's Forecasters

People have been forecasting the weather for centuries.  They once looked to plants and animals for hints about the weather.  Before it rains, ants move to higher ground, cows lie down, pine cones open up, frogs croak more frequently, and sheep's' wool uncurls.


Be a Weather Observer!    Go here and also here to get charts to keep track of the weather.  Do it for a week.  Write down whether it's sunny or cloudy or partly cloudy.  Write down if it rains or snows, and what the highest and lowest temperature of the day was.  You might enjoy doing it so much that you'll want to do it every day!

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