Weather Resources for Students

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Nick's favorite resource materials for students to learn more about weather and other sciences:

Musical Meteorology from the Weather Dude (Audio)

[weather dude education]Weather Basics-an online book

Don't Get Scared, Just Get Prepared-another online book

Nick's favorite weather books for kids

Questions & Quizzes

Weather Proverbs Nature's Forecasters

apple.gif (901 bytes) Schoolday Forecast from The Weather Channel

Weather Puzzles and Games

Careers in Meteorology

The Weather Channel Kids pages

mortar.gif (1140 bytes)University Weather Departments Where to get a degree in weather

hammer.gif (891 bytes) Making a Weather Station

Weather World from Penn State University

kite.gif (929 bytes) Franklin's Forecast

fountpen.gif (907 bytes)Weather Art from kids like you

crayon.gif (115 bytes)Weather Coloring Books Print them out!

Storm Chaser

Weather Photos from NOAA

crown2.gif (915 bytes)Climate Kids From Southeast Regional Climate Center

Earth & Sky from the Radio Show

Science Hobbyist Science Projects and More

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