Weather Basics

Here's the lowdown on Precipitation, Clouds, Thunderstorms, Wind, Hurricanes and  more.  Or use these pages as an on-line Companion Guide to the CD/Book "Sing Along with the Weather Dude"

Learn about severe weather with the online Companion Guide to Don't Get Scared Just Get Prepared

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Chapter One: Meteorology

Song: "Weather Dude"

Chapter Two: Precipitation

Song: "What Makes Rain?"

Chapter Three: Lightning and Thunder

Song: "Thunderstorms"

Chapter Four: Clouds

Song: "Cloud Cover"

Chapter Five: Snow

Song: "Wonderland"

Chapter Six: The Sun

Song: "You're There in the Sky for Me"

Chapter Seven: Air Pressure and Wind

Song: "That's the Way Winds Blow"

Chapter Eight: The Seasons


Song: "Circle of Our Four Seasons"

Chapter Nine: Weather Forecasting

Song: "Tomorrow's Weather Here Today"

Chapter Ten: The Water Cycle

Song: "A Tiny Drop of Water"

Bonus Chapter! Eleven: Rainbows and Optical Effects

Bonus Chapter! Twelve: Hurricanes


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